Haven Mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in the world. They give you the perfect essence of a premium sleeping experience. This mattress brand was first launched in 2018 and within this short period, Haven has established itself as one of the leading mattress manufacturers of the world. Many haven mattress reviews suggest them as the best mattress to date to sleep on.

Having a healthy sleep is essential for active working of the body and mattresses play a keen role in improving our sleep quality and giving us a refreshing morning. And many haven mattress reviews say that the company promises to give you luxurious comfort and rest to rejuvenate yourself to the maximum.

Hence, here in this article today, we bring to you a detailed analysis of the quality and efficiency of Haven mattresses in almost every aspect of your sleeping pattern and see if they are worth it. Also, we bring to you a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the perfect option for yourself. This mattress haven review will surely give answers to all your questions and doubts.

A Quick Outlook At The Haven Mattress

Haven Mattress or more popularly known as Haven Rejuvenate is a high-density foam mattress that is winning people’s hearts and their beds too. Haven currently manufactures two types of mattresses that give you two different sleeping experiences. It has a softer version known as Haven Premium and a firmer version known as Haven Boutique.

Haven Mattress - World's Longest Sleep Trial

The Haven Premium comes with moderate firmness, so if you are an average weight adult and you sleep on your back with your weight evenly distributed, you will feel like sinking into the mattress with some contouring around your body.

The Haven Boutique, on the other hand, is more firm and does not sink too much. When you sleep on it on your back, you will feel that your spine is aligned straight and your hips are not sinking much into the mattress.

What Are The Mattresses Made Of?

What Are The Haven Mattresses Made Of
What Are The Haven Mattresses Made Of

The Haven mattresses are meant to give you immense support and comfort. But, what makes them become so comforting and contouring at the same time? It is not just the foams, there are a lot of things inside it. Let’s have a look at the general construction and layers for these mattresses.

Breathable cover

So, starting with the cover, you get a Bamboo and a Celliant mix cover. Both the materials are breathable and used in many mattresses. They help in regulating the temperature and help you sleep cool especially during the hot summers. And interestingly, some researches also show that these materials help in improving blood circulation.

Latex foam layer

Now, when you open the cover and dig into its layers, you get to a 1-inch latex foam layer that serves the purpose of providing comfort and stability. This layer gives this mattress a sort of bounciness and added breathability too. It dissipates the body heat making it a perfect place to lie after the tiring day’s work.

It is also perfectly aerated with the cover to ensure that both the layer and the cover works perfectly to ensure maximum temperature control and breathability. And also you see copper infusions in them to help the heat draw away fast and also provide durability to the mattress.

Gel memory foam layer

The next layer in the mattress is the gel memory foam layer. This layer is the one responsible for the comfortable contouring of the mattress. It helps you sink deep into the mattress and helps in the pressure relief. The gel infusion in the layer helps in soaking the body heat and does not let the person feel hot even though giving the feeling of being wrapped around.

Bio-foam layer

Next comes the open cell bio-foam layer and this is the layer that creates the difference between the Haven Premium and the Haven Boutique. In the Haven Boutique, you get just one piece of the bio-foam layer through the mattress. And in the Haven Premium, you get different layers of bio-foam that have a zone support system and it will be softer at the center to let you sink deeper into the mattress.

This layer is a 3 inches transition layer, so when you sleep on the Haven mattress, this is the layer that gets squeezed giving you the sinking sensation. It helps in giving the perfect alignment of the spine for side sleepers and also provides pressure relief on your shoulders.

Polyfoam layer

This is the last layer of the haven mattress, it is made from a high-density polyfoam. This is the layer that gives the mattresses their perfect shape and supports all the layers above. It is a 5 inches polyfoam layer that ensures the sleepers don’t sink much deep into the mattress causing the feeling of being trapped.

The Performance Is The Key

There are a variety of mattresses available in the market today, each claiming their product to be the best. But what makes a mattress best is its performance in every section. Now in this part, we have tested both the versions of the Haven mattress for its different aspects and have recorded its performance to see if it walks the talk.

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So, we will distinctively discuss both the mattress for their performance and other important features separately and try to find their pros and cons and also for which is perfect for what kind of sleepers. So, let’s dig deep into the details.

Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress

The Haven Rejuvenate Boutique mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses in the world. This mattress is made to give you the feel of premium comfort. And being the thickest luxury mattress in America, this mattress is keen to replace your old mattress and bring you a stress-free sleep again. It measures about 14 inches and offers excellent support and firmness.

Let’s break down the layers of construction for this mattress.

Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress Made Of
Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress Made Of
  1. Ice fabric cover and buoyancy foam

It is a gel sewn unique replaceable cover that wraps the Haven buoyancy foam. It is also made with a 500 GSM+ top layer that gives you freshness and a luxurious feel when you touch and sleep on it.

  1. 1-inch cooling buoyancy foam

This cooling foam is perfectly breathable and helps a lot in regulating the body temperature while sleeping. It perfectly absorbs and reflects body heat to let you sleep comfortably all year round. It absorbs sweat and heat to help you sleep cool in the summer and reflects the body heat to create a warm atmosphere in the winter.

  1. A natural fire-resistant shield

This layer is a natural fire-resistant shield that is made of 100% natural cotton. It helps to prevent any spark of fire from spreading all over the mattress. It is also safe as it is free from any toxins and carcinogenic chemicals or gases. It also does not use any petroleum-based synthetic nylons or polyester fabric and has no trace of HCN, HCL, or Bromine. And due to this, it becomes skin-friendly.

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  1. 2 inches gel-infused buoyancy foam

This is the layer that shrinks when you sleep on this mattress. This gel-infused custom blend layer reacts faster than any general memory foam layer. It gives you excellent support and helps in relieving more pressure and keep the mattress a lot cooler.

  1. 3 inches Haven memory foam

This is an upgraded version of the normal memory foam layer. This specially designed memory foam provides excellent support where you need it the most. It has great thermal neutrality and temperature regulating pores that retains less heat. It also easily shrinks and then turns back into shape quickly.

  1. 8 inches high-density polyfoam base

This 8 inches layer is the base support of the Haven Boutique mattress. It provides maximum stability for each layer above and helps to maintain the perfect shape of the mattress. And the specialty of this Haven foam gel mattress layer is that it has at least one-inch extra height as compared to other brands and also its core foam density is at least 30% more than the average core density manufactured by other brands in the market. And this feature makes it more durable.

  1. Fireproof cloth layer

This is another added layer of safety in this mattress. This layer is also free from any carcinogenic chemicals or toxins, it is also free from any Bromine, HCL or HCN compounds. It also does not have any mixture of petroleum-based synthetic polyester or nylon. It is purely made from 100% natural cotton fiber.

  1. Washable base cover

This is an extra added layer and you will generally not find any washable base cover layer in a mattress, it will either be a full cover or none. But this base cover is highly durable, easily washable and can be replaced to keep your mattress clean. You just need to unzip the sides and it will easily open down to get cleaned.

Haven Boutique Mattress Performance

Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress Review 2021
Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress Review 2021

We have talked to many buyers of this haven mattress for their experience after making their purchase. We asked them to elaborate on their experience on certain points and matched their observations with our experience from the volunteers and the online available reviews. After getting reviews from hundreds of people and based on our personal experience, we bring forward to you this detailed description of the mattresses’ performance based on these eight aspects.


Comfort is the first and foremost demand that every mattress will have to meet. The Haven company also aggressively markets that comfort is the keen factor they keep in mind while making each of their mattresses. It also promises that Haven mattresses rejuvenate your body after the day’s tiring work and helps you reduce your stress by providing a night of sound sleep.

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The Haven boutique mattress is the softer version of the mattress. It has a special feature of getting sunk into the mattress which helps a lot in relieving the day’s stress. It helps you get a quick and sound sleep as soon as you lie on the mattress. This mattress is made keeping in mind the comfort needs for different sleepers and also for different weighted persons.

This mattress helps in relaxing your body by giving you a comfortable wrap-around feeling and also refreshes you for the day’s tiring works.

Motion Isolation

While sleeping with a partner, the most annoying thing that a person can experience is getting disturbed by your partner’s motion. The standard mattresses available in the market may advertise to give you the perfect isolation feel but it is an open secret that most mattresses fail to keep up their promises. But this is where the Haven mattresses stand out from others.

The Haven boutique mattress being the softer version of the Haven brand is quite capable of keeping you undisturbed from your partner’s motion. This mattress is an all-foam mattress that helps you and your partner to get a small sink private space separately. Its memory foam being an upgraded and fast responder regains its shape as soon as the person changes its position making motion transfer to your partner.

The memory foam and the all-foam layers above absorbs the motion vibration smoothly and transfers very little vibration to other parts of the mattress. And it is this feature that minimizes the movement sink space for the sleeper too.

Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress Review
Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress Review

Temperature Control

No person will ever like to sleep on a mattress that feels too hot or too cold. And generally, mattresses with sinking features prove to be hot and body heat capturing. They might be very good for use in the winter season but become horrible for summer use as they lack temperature regulation and control. But Haven’s mattresses are said to have great temperature control ability.

The Haven boutique mattress is a comfortable sink mattress. It is an all-foam mattress but with great temperature regulating capacity. This mattress comes with an ice fabric cover above and then a 1-inch cooling buoyancy foam beneath it that is breathable. It is this layer that perfectly absorbs heat during summer and helps you sleep cool and during winter, it reflects heat to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Also, since the fabric is made of 100% cotton and skin-friendly material, it is perfect for your skin and gives you comfortable sleep all year round.

Easy Motion

Many people have the habit of constant motion during their sleep and foam beds are known for being difficult to have motion while sleeping as the person sinks deep into the mattress. Standard sink in mattresses either provide minimal base support for a better sink in or they provide more memory foam layers that sometimes hinder swift movement. But haven mattresses are neither too soft nor too firm and they provide just the exact combination of softness and firmness necessary for easy movement.

The Haven boutique mattress comes with a 2-inch gel-infused foam and a 3-inch haven memory foam that gives you the exact blend of comfort and agility. The 2-inch gel-infused foam gives the perfect sink needed for maximum comfort and the 3-inch memory foam and the 8-inch polyfoam layer below give the exact support needed so that the sleeper doesn’t sink in too much to restrict movement and comfort.

This layer in the haven boutique makes it comfortable for easy movement in sleep and also it helps in getting perfect motion isolation so that your partner’s sleep is not disturbed.

Pressure Relief

This is another aspect in which the mattresses must be perfect to provide excellent comfort without any pain in the body. Most mattresses in the market fail to provide the perfect contouring and pressure relief therapy that is essential for relieving stress. It is not just the sink feature that makes the mattress comfortable, there must also be contouring and a wrapping effect to make the mattress effective.

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The Haven boutique mattress brings to you the perfect blend of the sink in and wrapping pressure required. Its upper cooling buoyancy layer and the gel-infused layer takes the perfect shape of the sleeper. It is these two layers that help in perfect contouring and gives the excellent wrapping feel to let your muscles relax and get you a perfect sleep as soon as you get on to the bed.

This pressure relief therapy is very effective in relieving your stress and giving you an anxiety-free sleep. These layers also make sure that you are not uncomfortable with the pressure and adjust as per your body weight.

Edge Support

The edge support is generally the section that attracts fewer eyes of the customers. While it might not be of much importance for single sleepers, it is of great importance for couples or more than one or two sleepers. The edge of a mattress needs to maintain its shape perfectly both while sleeping and sitting to ensure a comfortable sleep and sitting experience. But many mattresses fail to maintain the shape opening the risk of slipping out of the bed.

The Haven boutique mattress however offers premium support and stability. It can easily maintain its shape even after long hours or slipping on the edge. While sitting too, it is found that the mattress dips inwards to an extent that ensures comfortable sitting and no slipping out. With this mattress, couples get a fair amount of extra space without going to the level of falling from the mattress.

Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress
Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress

This Haven Boutique mattress also regains its original shape as soon as the person sitting or sleeping on the edge gets up making it a perfect mattress for the bed.

Bounce And Children’s Abuse

For families with kids, it is necessary to note that children abuse the mattresses a lot and the mattresses must be built strong to withstand their abuse. There have been instances when the mattresses were reported to tear apart by children or lose their sink feature. But Haven mattresses prove to be highly durable in this matter too.

The Haven boutique mattress is made up of seven different layers of polyfoam with its base being 8-inches high and also containing about 30% more dense foam materials make this mattress a perfect destination for children to rest and play to their will. These mattresses are proven to be highly durable and safe for children.


Mattresses when new have some off-gassing and unpleasant odor. It is particularly due to the chemicals used to make the mattress and its different layers. There is no problem with new mattresses having some odor but the problem arises when these odors come from toxins and other such substances.

The Havens Boutique mattress is made from 100% cotton fiber and is free from any chemical or other toxin mixtures. Some of the customers reported some off-gassing odor when they brought it new but after about three days, the odor vanished.

Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress Worth It
Haven Rejuvenate Boutique Mattress Worth It

Haven Boutique Mattress Feel As Per Sleeping Position

Side SleeperPerfect spinal cord alignmentEasy circulation of hands and legsBody-hugging comfort
Back SleeperPressure formation on hipsImproper body alignmentNo back support
Stomach SleeperUncomfortable spinal alignmentPressure formation on stomach and chestMaximum sink
Combination / Motion SleeperComfortable movementBouncy support on motionMotion Isolation

Haven Boutique Mattress Size, Dimension, And Price

(US Standard)
Twin75 x 39 x 14949665Haven Bed
Twin XL80 x 39 x 14949665
Full75 x 54 x 141249875
Queen80 x 60 x 141349945
King80 x 76 x 1416491155
Cal-King84 x 72 x 1416491155

Add- ons Available For Haven Boutique Mattress

With the Haven boutique mattress, you get cool add ons to take your comfort level to a new height. These add-ons will turn your mattress into a full-fledged luxury bed.

Popular Add OnsPrice (USD)
Adjustable Base525
Memory Foam Pillows99
Foundational Base308
Luxury Soft Sheets84
Mattress Removal88

Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress

Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress Worth It
Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress Worth It

This Haven Premier mattress is one of the flagship mattresses from this brand. It is an all-foam constructed mattress that has layers with gel-infused polyfoam layers. It offers medium firmness and measures about 12 inches in thickness. It is highly affordable, comfortable and easily accessible.

Let’s break down the layers of construction for this mattress too.

  1. Quilted cover

This layer is designed to work with the body’s natural temperature-regulating capacity. This cover is made with high-quality 450 GSM that is washable and helps your body to feel warm during winter and cold during summer.

  1. Fireproof Cloth

This second layer of the mattress is an all-natural organic cotton layer. It is an eco-friendly layer of cotton that helps in preventing the spread of fire from one section of the mattress to the other. This layer also provides exceptional airflow to the mattress making it a perfectly breathable layer.

  1. 3 inches Haven cooling buoyancy foam

This is an upgraded version of the normal memory foam layer just like the Haven Boutique mattress. It is specially designed to provide excellent support where you need it the most. It is an excellent blend of memory foam with gel infusion that helps it shrink and regain shape faster and supports better for more pressure relief.

  1. 2 inches supportive transition foam layer

This is the transition layer in this mattress, it helps in giving extra support to the mattress and also helps in regulating the space making the mattress more motion isolated. This layer also has perforated holes that help in making the mattress more breathable and also provide extra responsiveness.

  1. 7 inches Haven high-density foam base

This 7 inches high-density foam base layer is the base support of this Haven Premier mattress. This layer is responsible for maintaining the shape and providing the stability to all the above layers in this mattress. And the specialty of this Haven high-density foam gel mattress layer is that it has at least one-inch extra height as compared to other brands and also at 2.4 pounds, its core foam density is at least 30% more than the average core density manufactured by other brands in the market. And this feature makes the Haven Mattress more durable.

Haven Mattress - World's Longest Sleep Trial
  1. Fireproof cloth layer

This is an added safety layer to the mattress to prevent it from any spark or flame of fire. This layer is made from all-natural organic cotton. It is wrapped all around the Haven Premier mattress to provide it maximum safety. Also, the fabric used in this layer is healthy, eco-friendly and also allows maximum breathability to make sure the mattress is suitable to use all year round.

  1. Base cover

This is an extra added layer just like the layer in the Haven Boutique mattress. This base cover is highly durable, easily washable and can be replaced to keep your mattress clean. Just like the soft version of the Haven mattress, you can unzip the sides and open the mattress to clean.

Haven Premier Mattress Performance

Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress Review
Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress Review

Haven premier mattress is a more firm version of the soft Haven Boutique mattress. There have been mixed reactions from the reviewers and customers on this mattress. Many people liked this mattress to an extent that they preferred it to the softer one. But many felt it to be just as ordinary as any standard sink mattress. However, after using this mattress ourselves, we have come to slightly different opinions in certain aspects. Let’s have a look at the performance of the mattress in detail.


While comfort remains the first and foremost choice of the mattresses, this Haven mattress justifies the aggressive marketing from the brand. Haven makes each of its mattresses keeping in mind the comfort needs of every type of sleeper. However, there are some different reviews from some other sleepers too.

According to some volunteers, this firmer version of the Haven mattress did very little in providing excellent comfort. They said that this mattress did not provide much sink-in comfort and also lacked wrapping pressure therapy. It is also a bit uncomfortable for the side sleepers as some woke up with slight uneasiness in their neck too.

While on the brighter side, the back sleepers found it to be very comfortable and ideal. So, after listening to the average reviews, we concluded that this mattress is very comfortable for back sleepers but might not be ideal for side sleepers.

Motion Isolation

As discussed earlier, the most annoying thing during sleep is getting disturbed by your partner’s motion. And Haven mattresses are designed to let you sleep comfortably and soundly in your small personal space.

All-foam mattresses are currently the best mattresses that give you perfect isolation and Haven Premier mattress is an all-foam mattress. However, some volunteers preferred the soft version more and said that the premier mattress is somewhat less effective than the boutique mattress.

This is however due to the extra gel-infused layer that gives the mattress a slight bounciness. But still, this bounciness is negligible and will only disturb light sleepers.

Temperature Control

Generally, all-foam mattresses are believed to be very hot and have less temperature regulating capacity. This is due to a variety of factors starting from airflow blockage, high heat capturing capacity and some other factors. Hence, there is a general perception that sink mattresses are perfect for use in winters.

However, the Haven premier mattress stands out of the other mattresses in this aspect. Its gel-infused comfort layer helps in keeping the mattress cool. Also, the core has a ventilated support allowing it to reflect and retain the heat smoothly.

However, the majority of our volunteers noticed a small amount of heat retention on the surface but the retention is negligible and most of them were able to sleep comfortably on the mattress.

Easy Motion

For people with the habit of constant motion in their sleep, the foam beds may not appear to be the best option for them to use. As there is a constant complaint about the foam beds being very sinkable that as a result restricts the swift movement. But Haven mattress provides you the perfect mixture of sinkage and swiftness required for comfortable sleeping.

The Haven Premier is a medium-firm mattress that does not sink much and keeps the person fairly aligned on the surface. Its polyfoam design makes it a lot easier for the sleeper to change position and move freely.

However, many volunteers and customers felt that there is a bit of contouring issue with the mattress and that the mattress failed to perfectly take the shape of the body. But almost everyone liked the fact that they were free to move and there was no excessive sinkage to restrict their motion.

Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress
Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress

Pressure Relief

Contouring and wrapping provide excellent comfort to the body. However, most of the sink mattresses fail to provide the perfect contouring effect and you may wake up with pain around your neck or other parts of the body. But Haven premier mattress gives you the exact pressure relief feature that you need to completely relax and relieve your stress.

The Haven premier mattress has a transition layer at the ideal spot in the mattress to prevent the sleeper from sinking further into the mattress. This layer in the mattress, being just at the right position makes the person feel to be wrapping around lightly and also sleeping just above the bed with great contouring

However for people preferring a deep foam and a hugging experience while sleeping will prefer the Haven Boutique to this mattress due to its deep contouring and thick comfort layer. But still, this mattress helps a lot in reducing pressure points giving you a night of sleep without and pain.

Edge Support

This is a section that bothers couples and multiple sleepers the most. The edge support is important for the mattress to retain its shape even while sleeping or sitting close to the edge. Many people don’t worry about the edge support as they may not require the extra space available but for a bed to occupy two or three people comfortably, the edge must be strong.

The Haven premier mattress is good in providing edge support but it is not as effective as the Haven Boutique mattress. It offers you average edge support that will let you sleep comfortably at the edges without the fear of rolling over.

However, there is a slight disadvantage with this mattress. It sinks to a good extent when you sit on the edge and also takes a little time to regain its shape again. But the dip is not drastic and it still performs better than the standard mattresses available in the market.

Bounce And Children’s Abuse

The mattresses due to their bounciness and soft surface become the perfect place for children to jump and play. Hence a mattress must be strong enough to withstand the abuses from the children. The Haven mattress is made durable to withstand all sorts of abuse and is bouncy enough for your children to enjoy.

The Haven Premier mattress is made up of five different layers of poly foam that make it safe for your children. It’s 7 inches base keeps the mattress in shape and its 30% more dense foam material makes it more durable. Hence these mattresses become the ideal place for your children to have fun.


When talking about off-gassing, the haven premier just as other sink mattresses gives out some unpleasant odor when it is new. But with the passing time, the odor also fades away. But the most important thing about off-gassing is that it must not be created from toxic substances as they can make you severely ill.

The Haven Premier mattress is made from purely organic and cotton fabrics. It does not have any chemical substance or liquid. It is also free from HCL, HCN and Bromine.

Haven Premier Mattress Feel As Per Sleeping Position

Side SleeperThe spinal cord is not aligned straightNot easy to move from this positionCan cause a bit of body pain especially on the neck
Back SleeperPerfect back supportPerfect spinal alignmentPressure therapy to help rest the muscles
Stomach SleeperA bit of lower back discomfortThe bed contours greatly with the chest and shouldersProper spinal alignment
Combination / Motion SleeperComfortable movementLess motion isolationGreat heat regulation

Haven Premier Mattress Size, Dimension, And Price

(US Standard)
Twin75 x 39 x 12799560Haven Bed
Twin XL80 x 39 x 12849595
Full75 x 54 x 12999700
Queen80 x 60 x 121099770
King80 x 76 x 121299910
Cal-King84 x 72 x 121299910

Add- ons Available For Haven Boutique Mattress

With the Haven premier mattress, you also get cool add ons to take your comfort level to a new height. These add-ons will turn your mattress into a full-fledged luxury bed.

Popular Add OnsPrice (USD)
Adjustable Base525
Memory Foam Pillows99
Luxury Soft Sheets84
Mattress Removal88

Buying Guide: Haven Mattresses

Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress Reviews
Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress Reviews

With the availability of a variety of mattresses in the market, it is difficult to get a mattress that suits all your and your family’s needs. So, in this section, we bring to you a few points that you must consider before buying any Haven mattress.

Sleeping Position

This is perhaps the most important point that you must consider before making your purchase. Different people have different sleeping positions and hence they will require a different mattress for comfortable sleeping.

For side sleepers, the Haven Boutique will be a great option as it is more fluffy and sink deep. So when you sleep by your sides, your spine remains aligned and the sink creates a hugging feel making your sleep a lot more comfortable.

For back and stomach sleepers, a firm mattress is preferred as it will allow less sink and keeps your back aligned. However, back sleepers can also be comfortable in the soft mattress if they use a pillow with an adjustable height as per their comfort.

And lastly, for combinational or motion sleepers, Haven Premier is preferred as it allows easy movement and breathability.

Budget and Add Ons

The price range of mattresses differs a lot. Based on the quality and other important features, the price of mattresses may vary from $100 to $2000. But it is important to keep a budget set for your mattress as they are highly effective only when used with some add ons. And with Haven mattress, you get four, five add ons that will make your sleeping experience a lot better.

Also, you must understand that a cheaper mattress does lack some essential features and you might end up compromising your comfort and safety in the name of little savings. So, try to purchase a mattress that fulfills your needs and is also safe for you and your kids.

Ease Of Movement and Motion Isolation

The next important thing to notice is the capacity of the mattress to give you the freedom of easy movement and also that your movement does not hamper your partner’s sleep. Always check the amount of sink that the mattress offers and also if there is a transition layer that supports and helps in motion isolation.

The Haven mattress provides excellent support in this section. If you want a mattress with a low sink and ease of movement, the Haven Premier will be an ideal choice for you and if you want perfect motion isolation, the Haven Boutiques does exactly that for you.

Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress 2021
Haven Rejuvenate Premier Mattress 2021

Heat Regulation

A mattress becomes comfortable to use all year round only when it can regulate heat perfectly. Most mattresses in the market, fail to meet this demand. So, you must check if there is a gel-infused layer in the mattress or not as this layer helps to absorb and regulate the body heat when needed.

Shipment and Returns From The Seller

A mattress is not small stuff that can be easily transported to your door and returned if not satisfied. Hence, always remember to check the shipment and return policy of the company of purchase.

In the case of Haven Beds, they offer you 4 to 10 working days delivery in the continental USA, depending upon the stock and delivery location. For setting up the mattress, you will just need to allow 48 hours for the mattress to decompress after unboxing. And in case you are not satisfied with the mattress, you will get a free replacement or return policy with a 100% cashback guaranteed.

Trial and Warranty

Haven Mattress - World's Longest Sleep Trial

Purchasing a mattress without giving a trial or a warranty is not an intelligent idea. However, before making your purchase, you must note the trial period and the warranty that comes with the mattress as you may end up losing a hefty amount on an item that is of no comfort to you.

Generally, brands offer you a trial period of anywhere from 90 days to 120 days. But Haven offers you a trial period of a total of 18 months i.e. 548 nights to make sure that you get a trial of the mattress for all seasons of the year. This trial period is more than enough for you to decide whether it marks all your expectation or not.

And lastly, about the warranty, standard brands may offer you a warranty period anywhere from 10 to 20 years. But the Haven mattresses offer you a lifetime warranty to make sure you never need to compromise with comfort. Also, the warranty covers indentation, manufacturing defect and damage due to regular use.


1.     Does the Haven mattress feel hot when slept on during summer?

  • No, the Haven mattresses are capable of regulating the body heat with great breathability and can be used all year round.

2.     How much weight can a Haven mattress take on?

  • Haven mattresses are built to be durable and last long. Even though there is no set rule for weight capacity, these mattresses can easily hold a combined weight of up to 1000 pounds.

3.     How long will the refund process take to complete after successful returning?

  • After the successful return of the mattress to the delivery partner, the refund transaction will take about 2 to 3 working days to reflect into your account. And if you donate to a charity, you will receive the proof of donation slip or email receipt. There will be a full refund in both cases.

4.     How are the mattresses shipped?

  • The Haven mattresses are durable and do not show any sign of wear and tear even after rough use. Hence, they are rolled and boxed up for easy and quick delivery.

End Note

Mattresses are an essential bed companion to give you a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. And Haven mattresses take this comfort level to a different height. The HavenBed mattresses are perfect for all types of sleepers and they are an ideal choice for having luxurious comfort.

This Haven mattress review article is based on a combination of our personal opinion & experience and from the various volunteers & customers who used it themselves and also from the online reviews available.

This mattress haven reviewis a result of our hours of online research and personal commitment. You can easily rely on our research and get yourself the Haven mattress that suits you the most. It is durable and will surely satisfy your needs and expectation.

The thing that makes Haven Mattresses stand out from the rest is that it designs its mattress keeping in mind the comfort needs of all types of people. So, without wasting further time, get your Haven mattress home today at www.thehavenbed.com.

Have a happy day of shopping!!!

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